What makes a good site to promote

How I decided what sites will make the list.

12/12/20223 min read

Before we dive into what goes into selecting sites to promote I want to share my experience. I have over 10 years invested in trying out and using sites and applications to earn money online. I had the pleasure to use many great sites that are no longer around today. Some of my previous favorite sites were CashnHits, DonkeyMails (still up but as an exchange only), Clixsense which survived but was rebranded as Ysense, Ojooo, and many more. Let's dive into what went into selecting the sites that are most likely to survive and should be a staple in your journey to earning some extra cash and cryptocurrency online.

First thing is to make sure the site is a paying site. It sounds simple yet I see so many people promoting known non-paying sites. A little research goes a long way. As easy as it is to earn, it does take some time to reach the amount required to get paid on these sites. The last thing you want is to finally reach the amount needed to get paid and find out you missed this simple step.

Being that I am from the United States I do not have access to many popular payment methods such as FaucetPay or Payoneer. Therefore I need to use sites that have the option for Paypal or direct wallet cryptocurrency transactions.

The next thing I look for is to make sure the site is straightforward. Create an account, start earning and be able to redeem your earnings. This is fairly new as sites come up with ways to make it more difficult to redeem your earnings. I know terms and conditions are not fun to read but you need to know what is required before you put in the time and effort to get paid.

Another thing that is important to me is reputation. How long has the site been online and paying. There are hundreds if not thousands of different earning sites. New ones show up weekly or even daily. Although it is harder to promote the more established they become I only promote sites that have a great reputation and are known to pay. Some things to look for are live chat on the site, a forum on the site, or a payment proof page. If the chat or forum is active there is a good chance the site is paying or would have evidence within that it is not. The payment proof page is good but can be faked so additional research would be warranted.

Earnings played a factor as well. We all want the highest-earning sites. I feel I have the most complete list of the highest earning sites online when it comes to sites that you can earn with faucets, paid-to-click, offers, and surveys. As well as simple passive income methods that any average person can use. I do intend to go into more depth about individual sites that I promote and also ones that I do not promote to explain this in more detail.

Something that I look for in sites to promote is easy daily tasks. This can be a quick survey poll, paid-to-click, faucets, or anything you can log in and do without expending a lot of time to complete. We don't have all day every day to spend earning with offers and surveys. I like to promote sites where you can quickly and easily make earnings without having to spend hours to get that balance to go up. When I do have time I work on the tasks that take more time but are more rewarding such as offers and surveys.

The final thing I make sure of before I promote a site is to make sure they don't display anything that little eyes should not see. This may not be important to some but I choose against it. There is always some risk when browsing around online. Sites that display ads that I feel should not be displayed and do not have any intentions of taking down or removing them I do not promote. Aside from my preference on this another thing to note is any site that suddenly starts displaying these ads is typically at high risk of shutting down.

All sites that I promote I have personally used for a minimum of at least 1 year and received payments. This site is to promote only the most trusted sites to earn online.