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Online Since:

This is how long the site has been online and paying.


This is how often you can return to make a new claim.

Cashout Minimum:

This is the minimum amount you have to claim to request your cash out.

Faucet Type:

Not all faucets are the same. Each site has it's own style. The types of faucets can be seen below. They can also be a combination.


This is a faucet with a small base claim with the possibility to hit a larger claim.


Daily faucets increase your claim based on the number of days in a row you claim.


Fixed claim faucets have a larger base prize without the possibility of a larger claim.


Progressive faucets increase claims based on your level. Increase your level to increase your claims.


Most faucets are the same. Occasionally you will see one that is like no other. Cointiply for example has Cointiplier. A bonus for the faucet based on other site activities.

Is bitcoin faucet legit

A bitcoin faucet was originally used to help distribute bitcoin when it originated. Although you will not be able to claim 1-3 bitcoins like the original faucets they are still very active to this day. Faucets are much like many other ways to earn online. There are a few legit ones. Ones that are legit until they are suddenly not, and ones that are complete scams. Luckily I've been doing this awhile and share the best bitcoin faucets of 2023.

How to earn with bitcoin faucets

Much like the early faucets of the 2010 era the claims don't seem like much, especially starting out. The best way to increase your earnings is to stay active. One thing all the different types of faucets have in common is you need to be active and spin to win. I described the different types to assist in picking out what is best for you. Daily faucets are great, but not if you are unable to maintain a login streak. Progressive is nice for the long term, as once you unlock a new level you don't go back down. Rewarding the longest and most active users. Tiered or fixed is best if you just want to log in once in a while and take a chance at some bitcoin.

Tiered faucets

With tier faucets, it comes down to luck. You can see by this example the different tiers of claims you can make. After you select roll it will generate a number and you will be awarded the coordinating claim amount. With this tier you would have to roll 10,000 to claim the highest amount. If you roll a number lower than 10,000 but higher than 9885 you would get the claim that it falls within. Otherwise you get the base claim.

Daily faucets

With daily faucets, you will receive an added bonus for each claim based on the number of consecutive days you have made at least one claim. It is important to know when the server resets as you can claim every day and still lose your daily streak. These are best for daily claimers as it starts out very low until you get your streak up. Remember it only takes 1 roll per day to maintain.

Progressive faucets

Progressive faucets get better with time. They are designed to award the most loyal users. Initially, the claims are small until you reach a higher level. Some will have a maximum level and some do not. The level system is good for those who are unable to log in every day as the levels do not reset. Once you reach the higher rate it is yours forever. If you have the patience it can really pay off. See the level system for reference.

Fixed faucets

Fixed faucets generally have a higher base claim but are fixed to an amount usually coordinating with the current market price. This type of faucet is good for those who do not claim on a daily basis as it always stays fixed to the market. This type is not as common as the other style of faucets but does make them more stable and your earnings more predictable.

Unique faucets

Most bitcoin faucets are unique with either a one of a kind special feature or a combination of the different styles of faucets used to increase your claim. The most common additional style is a multiplier based on your other activities on the site. Faucets with the highest combination of faucet types are the highest-paying faucets aside from pure luck.

Auto faucets

Auto faucets are similar to regular faucets. The major difference is you collect a coin unique to each site. These are called auto-claim tokens. You can use them to run an auto-faucet that will add your selected coins over time. Otherwise, you can directly exchange them for your desired coin. Directly exchanging them will come with a fee. You can exchange any coin for bitcoin or others.