What are referrals and do I need them to earn

Earning online with and without referrals

12/14/20222 min read

Referrals are people who signup using your unique referral URL. You can send the URL directly to someone you know or promote your unique URL online. Each site has its unique referral program. Typically the standard is around 20% of your referrals earnings. Meaning for every $10 they earn you would also receive $2. This is not taken from your referral but rewarded from the site to you for bringing a new user.

You do not need to have referrals to earn money online. Your earnings will always come from whatever you concentrate on. Each venture takes up your time including promoting to gain referrals. Some prefer to invest their time in completing offers and surveys which highly increases the chances on sites that offer monthly earning contests.

Although referrals are not needed to earn online it does generate a passive income. Earning from your referrals happens regardless if you are online or not. This is income that generates as long as someone remains your referral. Passive income is the easiest as once you get it set up there is very little effort needed to collect your earnings. This is not the only way to collect passive income online though. Visit the passive page to see how you can earn passive income online without having to refer anyone.

Each person is different and the best method to earn varies. If you do not plan to promote but still want to make the best of your online earnings I will suggest the best sites for each method. In my opinion, these are the highest-earning sites without referrals.

Paid to complete offers and mobile app games plus surveys for cash. Ysense for all countries or InboxDollars for the United States only. Unlike other offer and survey sites, these sites have direct offers. They cut out the middle man of offerwalls which increases the rewards for offers.

Paid to complete offers and mobile app games plus surveys for cryptocurrency. Cointiply and/or CoinPayU are the highest earning sites without referrals.

If you do plan to promote and gain referrals you will want to review the referral program. If you are unable to log in most days there are sites that you will not benefit much from. Some referral programs require that you log in and use the site the day prior to collect your referral earnings for the next day. This is not on all sites so you will want to find sites that do not require this to be able to collect all your referral earnings.