Tracking traffic

Creating a plan. Tracking data.

12/27/20222 min read

Advertising can become extremely frustrating if not done correctly. Simply sending a lot of traffic to your site will yield some results however this comes at a cost. Of course, we want to have traffic that has an interest in what you are sharing. There are many different types of advertising and different ways you can track the results. You will not want to invest your time and earnings in methods that are not providing the results you want. This article will provide a general overview of advertising.

If you have a website you will either have traffic data available through your hosting or you can add google analytics to your site to get traffic data. This will show you where your users visited your site, what page they landed on, and how many pages they viewed. It will also show the page they exited your site from. This is a bit more advanced if you plan on creating and promoting from a website. If you don't have a website you can still track some data.

If you are using a splash page a good tool to use is a site counter or flag counter. You can simply search for these online and they have many different options. It is a small snippet of HTML code that you put on your page. The flag counter is nice especially if you use geo-targeting because you also get to see what country your users are from. EasyHits4U splash pages will also provide traffic data from your page promotion page.

Now that you have some data you can use this information to track the results of your promotions. It is exciting when you get your first referral yet you will find it is much more than just achieving signups. We want successful and active referrals. Therefore you will want to also track the quality of the signups you are achieving.

So you are all set to capture the data, now it is time to cover the when, where, and what. Timing can play a factor when promoting. Obviously when any type of cryptocurrency is rising quickly so does the interest in joining sites that can earn you that particular crypto. Although you will want to keep a steady stream of traffic to gain referrals this is something to keep in mind. These are times you will want to increase your promotions for sites that fulfill a want. The where is also very important. Many factors go into this part. How much competition is already on the place I want to advertise? Is the audience interested in the thing I am promoting and what is the quality of the advertising? Last is the what. Do you plan to drive people to your site? Directly to a specific site you are promoting. Do you have a creative banner you want to display?

Now that you have some ideas you can try some different methods and start promoting. Although there are some free advertising methods you cannot beat the results you will get from paid advertising. You simply cannot get the amount of quality traffic needed. Besides, if you feel like it is worth others' time to try the site or application you are promoting why wouldn't you be willing to pay to promote it? Set a budget and find the happy medium that provides the most quality traffic that you can maintain.