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Is it worth the effort?

12/24/20222 min read

Many sites I promote offer paid-to-click as a method of earning. It is no secret you will not get rich by clicking on websites. The effort is mindless but the reward is very low. The answer to this question depends on several factors. Although the reward is low it does add up. For me, it is more than just the reward for visiting a site. You won't find new opportunities without browsing and if you can be rewarded for it at the same time this is the best option.

One factor to consider is earning cryptocurrency. Earning 1/10 of a cent may not be appealing but if you are like me and believe cryptocurrency will likely surpass its all-time high that 1/10 of a cent could be 1, 2, or maybe even 5 cents per click. This of course requires holding your earnings and not spending them right away. So if you do not mind holding and like I feel like the value is likely to rise considerably then it would indeed be worth your time.

Another reason I do like the option for paid-to-click is the fact that it is an easy residual way to earn. Each site resets every 24 hours and even if you don't have time to complete more rewarding tasks it takes very minimal effort to check out some new sites. Considering some sites will close your account if you are inactive for a certain period of time this is a sure way to prevent that from happening.

Sometimes the reward is more than just the amount per view. Some sites also provide points that can be used on the site generally for advertising or to use to upgrade your account which provides additional benefits. On some sites, you can earn xp or experience in addition to the reward for the click. Sites that have levels generally earn more the higher the level you are. This can be a fast way to level up quickly to increase your other earning activities.

It should be mentioned that although getting paid to click on sites is a great way to find new opportunities you should be mindful that there will always be a lot of scams and false promises. You will often see the offer ends in 1 hour or 5 minutes. Generally speaking, these are designed to make you take quick action before you fully understand what you are investing in. Remember, if it sounds too good to be true it is best to avoid it. Everything that I promote does not require any investment to redeem any earnings. Also, watch out for phishing sites. They will make it appear that a site you have been using created a new app or have some type of bonus if you log in at that time. After you submit your username and password you will find that you cannot log in to your account and that it was fake. The advertiser now has your information and can log in to your account.

There are many paid-to-click sites to choose from. I by far do not have a complete list of all the paying paid-to-click sites as I do not specifically target them but I do use and promote the best ones I have found. If you prefer this method of earning you will easily find many more sites available. Remember to do a little research and make sure the ones you choose are indeed paying.

Hopefully, this provides useful insight to help determine if paid-to-click is worth your time.