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12/14/20222 min read has been online since 2013. This is one of the oldest Bitcoin faucets if not the oldest Bitcoin faucet still online today. I've seen some say that this site is not as high paying as other faucet sites. I would have to disagree. After you consider the value of RP from each roll it is well above average. Also, I have had the most larger claims of any faucet from this site. allows users to earn free bitcoin every hour. It is a simple faucet where you complete the captcha and spin. The base reward varies depending on the current price of Bitcoin. Each time you spin you can win up to $200 in Bitcoin. Your base reward for your hourly spin can be increased by playing the Hi-Lo game or purchasing lottery tickets. This only increases the lowest prize amount. Along with earning some satoshi each spin, you are also awarded RP or reward points. You can redeem the reward points for prizes, site bonuses, or directly into more satoshi once you reach a minimum of 100,000 RP to convert to satoshi. 1 RP = 1 satoshi. You are also awarded lottery tickets. These tickets are entered for a chance to win 1 of 10 larger daily prizes.

By default, your account will get 2 lottery tickets and 2 RP per roll. You can opt out of lottery tickets in the settings and get double the RP points per roll if you prefer a guaranteed prize. Go under More > Profile > Disable lottery and interest. Check the box for disable lottery. also has the wheel of fortune bonus. This bonus arrives once per day through your registered email address on the site. You can win up to $15,000 worth of Bitcoin with this spin. Rewards are much higher than the traditional hourly spin. You must sign up to receive promotional emails. has two different lotteries. One lottery for the 10 different daily winners with a top prize of around $2,000. You can earn these tickets from the free roll or get a ticket for each bet of 500 or more satoshi in the Hi-Lo game. You can also win tickets from the daily wheel of fortune. The other lottery is with the golden tickets. These tickets are awarded 1 ticket per every 500,000 satoshis wagered. You can also purchase tickets for 25,000 satoshis per ticket. The final way to earn golden tickets is also from the wheel of fortune daily spin. These tickets are entered for a chance to win a Lamborghini or $200,000 in Bitcoin. This drawing is held every 6 months.

Another way to earn free Bitcoin with is to maintain a balance of 30,000 or more satoshi. The annual rate is 4.08% and your account is credited daily.

The minimum amount to be able to cash out on is 30,000 satoshi. You are not required to wager to request cash out.

Final thoughts: You may only get 1 spin per hour but out of all the faucets I use this one tends to hit higher than the base prize most often. Although I am still chasing that 9,999 spin. I have won over 1,000 satoshi multiple times on the wheel of fortune as well.


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As with all sites I promote no investment is needed to earn or redeem from although there are options to invest. All investments should be carefully considered and done so at your own risk.