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1/14/20232 min read

Ten years ago if you told me there was an app you can install and leave run on your computer and it would send you automatic payments to your Paypal I would think you were crazy. Even after looking into it, I was a bit skeptical. But the business model checks out and the positive reviews don't lie. Earnapp is legit and sends you automatic payments to your Paypal each time your network earns $5.00. I was shocked by how quickly this actually occurred. I received my first payment in less than 30 days. Even without referring others, I made over $100 in the first year. Not bad for something you simply install and make sure it stays running.

The biggest thing I wanted to know is how it works. Anytime earning is this easy you have to ask yourself how I contribute my efforts and how the site makes anything. What EarnApp does is provide stable network connections for users that have a need in a specific area. Being that 99% of people use less than 10% of their network this leaves 90% you can share to help others who need a short-term connection and do not have a need to pay for a long-term network connection making it a win/win situation.

One thing that did concern me when I first started using an app to share internet bandwidth was performance. Is this going to slow down my PC and or network? To my surprise even running 2-3 of these programs on a single device did not affect my performance at all. I have never had any issues with the speed of the network or PC performance. I have to remind myself to check on them to make sure they did not turn off.That is one thing you do need to remember to check about once a week is that the app is still running. It is easy to forget you have it installed. Sometimes it can be disabled if your PC restarted or did an update. Some antivirus programs could disable it also. If this happens go directly to the EarnApp site and they have very helpful articles to get you back up and earning safely.

If you are not a big fan of installing EarnApp on your PC they also have several other options. EarnApp works with Linux / Raspberry Pi / Andriod and IOS. You can signup from your PC and install the actual app on any of these devices. Then you can access your dashboard from your PC even if you are not running the app on it and check on your device network performance.

The minimum cashout for EarnApp is $5. You can set this to automatic payments to your Paypal so you don't even have to log in to redeem. They also have options to cash out for gift cards or Wise.

Final thoughts: If you're not using EarnApp or any other bandwidth-sharing apps you truly are missing out on an easy passive income for something you don't have to add any extra expense.

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As with all sites I promote no investment is needed to earn or redeem from EarnApp. All investments should be carefully considered and done so at your own risk.