Do offers really pay

How to earn by completing offers

12/12/20222 min read

Offers are by far the highest earnings. But do they pay? The answer is yes. You do need to make sure you follow the correct link and complete the offer all in one session. You cannot select the offer on your PC and decide you want to finish on your mobile device. Once you decide what offer you want to complete make sure you go through all the requirements for the offer to validate. Select the link and complete the requirements.

I have seen some offers paying as much as $500. This offer was to sign up for uber and door dash. Although you may not be looking to complete such a task there are so many others to choose from. Other high-paying offers are setting up a new bank account usually around $75 to $150 to complete. There are also investment apps like Robinhood and Webull that are easy to complete. If you like playing games these also pay surprisingly well. Some games as much as $150. The best part is there are many high-paying offers that do not require any investment.

When completing offers some sites are better than others. My favorite offer sites are InboxDollars and Ysense. Unlike many other sites that have offers, they do not go through an offer wall which typically leads to a higher reward for completing the offer. InboxDollars is for the United States only and Ysense is available for most countries.

As for offer walls they are still good to use. They do have some offers you will not find on the sites mentioned above. The important thing to remember regarding offer walls you are best to stay with one site per offer wall. You cannot repeat offers from the same offer wall on a different site. Using the same offer wall on different sites can also lead to crediting issues. Common offer walls are OfferToro, AyeTStudios, AdsendMedia, AdGateMedia and there are so many more. These are not managed by the site you are using to earn but by a third party.

If you like playing games and want to also earn from them there are many games to choose from. Most will have some requirements to earn for completing such as reaching a certain level within so many days. I have often found that to be able to achieve this you will need to remain very involved with the game or make some purchases. Not interested in spending a bunch of money on games? I have a solution. Google opinion rewards allow you to earn for completing surveys and answering questions or submitting receipt tasks. The only way to redeem them however is to spend them in google play. You can easily earn enough to complete many game offers without ever having to pull out your debit card. You can find Google opinion rewards in the play store.

My favorite offers are games, investment opportunities like Robinhood (investment required but you keep the investment), and signing up to try sites like credit karma, newsletters, and email submissions.

If I had to choose only one method of earning online from what is currently available offers would be my choice. Nothing else competes with the time required for the earnings rewarded. With that said you can only maintain offers for so long. New ones come up all the time. I concentrate on a few offers at a time. It is not a race and if you take on too much you will fail to complete some and you cannot attempt it again. Once you complete a few and get a feel for what you can manage you can always work into doing more at once.