Cointiply Earning Guide

12/27/20222 min read

You cannot talk about faucets without mentioning Cointiply. With over $12 million already paid to its users since 2018. Cointiply has done an excellent job of maximizing user earnings with a unique faucet designed to provide higher earnings the more active you are. Fill the Cointiplier and you can as much as double your faucet earnings every hour. Even with this great feature, Cointiply is much more than just a faucet. Along with doubling your faucet earnings with the multiplier you can up to double your faucet claims for the loyalty reward. You will gain a 1% earning bonus for each consecutive day you log in and complete at least 1 task on the site. This can simply be a faucet claim that takes less than 2 minutes to complete. Login for 5 consecutive days and get a 5% bonus. Login for 30 consecutive days and get a 30% bonus up to 100% for 100 consecutive days.

Like many other earning sites Cointiply has offers, videos, surveys, and tasks along with paid-to-click as ways to increase your earnings. Unlike other sites, they also offer Cointiply Quests. Not only do these quests assist in guiding you on how to earn you also get a generous bonus for completing the quest. These quests are divided into five categories. Cointiply quests that go over different features of the site and how to use it. Earning quests award you simply for reaching earning goals with no time limit. Offers quests that award for completing offers and surveys with varying difficulty. And then bonus quests. The bonus quests are more specific and have varying difficulty. If you get stuck on a quest you do have the option to skip it.

Cointiply also offers the opportunity to purchase pods. After purchasing a pod you can use it for an earnings boost. If you decide you do not want to use the inventory you received from the pod you can simply sell it back to the site. The boosts only last so long, once you equip your inventory the time starts. This is a cool feature for anyone who is very active on the site, especially with offers.If you are into games Cointiply has the option to purchase heroes. Once you purchase a hero you can increase the level and enter battles. Winners of these battles can earn coins that are rewarded to your balance. This does require a purchase but if you are into heroes and battles it is worth checking out. You can view the detailed help page on Cointiply that goes into more detail.

The final and most simple with to earn with Cointiply is to simply maintain a balance of 35,000 coins. Then you can enable interest earnings and be awarded 5% interest. Your interest will be deposited directly into your main balance once a week. You can view your interest payments in your earning history.

The minimum required to cash out on Cointiply is 50,000 coins for BitCoin or 30,000 coins for Doge, LiteCoin, or Dash. Which is $5 worth of BitCoin or 3$ worth of Doge, LiteCoin, or Dash. I feel many would agree this is very easy to reach with this site.

Final thoughts: With Cointiply offering both web and mobile options it is very easy to maintain a streak for your faucet earnings. Combined with the many other great ways to earn it is a must for those who like to earn free cryptocurrency. One thing to note regarding your balance is that it is held in USD value. Therefore the amount of Satoshi you can redeem will fluctuate depending on the market price of BitCoin or your desired cryptocurrency for cashout. You can increase your redemption by simply waiting for the price to go down and receive even more satoshi.

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As with all sites I promote no investment is needed to earn or redeem from although there are options to invest. All investments should be carefully considered and done so at your own risk.